Series of Unfortunate Events CRAFTS AND DIYS!!!!:)

For a cool Coconut Cream Cake like the one Uncle Monty made go here…

RANDOM IDEA!!!! Read a book in the series while (if you’re a girl) your hair is tied up in a ribbon (Violet), your eating raw carrots(Sunny),(your already reading for Klaus), occasionally look at maps(Quigley),occasionally look at poetry(Isadora), occasionally look at a newspaper (Duncan),think about a bank(Mr.Poe),think about the other side of the schism(Count Olaf),think about mushrooms(Fiona),etc.

CAN IT BE DONE!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!



Ok. I’m not positive of that, but I have seen Pinterest posts. Not too reliable,but It’s ok. One said that Timothy Spall, Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter films, is playing Vice Principal Nero. Finally there is more, and apparently the script is well under way. We will get to see Carmillita and Esme along with some other unforgettable characters. I think it will come out on October 13, because the film and season one did. That’s no coincidence. I literally can’t wait to tell everyone I know this news, and watch them when they come out. They are supposed to cover books 5-9.


18 ” Doll Sets

If you have an 18″ doll, here are some sets you should look into purchasing.


The first up is OG Outfitter’s  “Bon Voyage Travel Set” $16.99


It has everything your doll will need to go on a trip. Some chocolate and crackers to snack on in the plane(or car, train, etc.). A camera for photographing the trip. A pair of sunglasses and case  for sightseeing. A wallet to put your boarding pass, plane ticket, train ticket, and passport. Of course your doll will need to stay healthy, so she’ll bring her soap( and container), lotion,toothbrush,and toothpaste. There’s also a deck of cards that come out and are really playable. You’ll need a bag to put this suff  in, and the bag in the set really fits all of this.

Next up is OG Outfitter’s “Barn Dance & BBQ” $16.99bbq6

The grill is a small one even for the dolls, but the play value is still great. The metal part of your grill comes out. The tri-pod stands come out too, for easy pack up.  You get two red and white checkered paper plates.The two hot dogs with mustard slide out of the buns, so your doll can make them. You get a bowl of chicken,  restaurant style. The paper in mine has stayed, but I’m a little worried it will rip. I still like it though. This picture doesn’t show it well, but the plastic-y  circles are root beer bottles. The tongs are good and work. You get three corn cobs and a harmonica that sadly doesn’t work. Your doll becomes a real cow girl with they included bandana. The girls have to play a game at the BBQ. They can play Horseshoes with three colorful horseshoes in bright red, yellow, and blue. They’ll need to advertise they’re party with a double-sided poster. One side in English and the other is a different language.

Og Outfitter’s “Love a Luau”$13.99


Your doll needs a hula skirt if she’s holding a luau. There’s a poster to advertise one side in English and the other in a different language. You get two colorful plates made to look like wicker. Two shrimp kabobs and a burger to eat. Of course you need fruit, so you get a bowl of watermelon, pineapple, mango, and a banana. There has to be a ukulele, and there is. You need drinks, so you get a mango smoothie. There’s also a coconut drink with a removable flower and orange slice.

Og Outfitter’s “Camping Set Accessories” $16.99


You get two marshmallows and two hotdogs. There’s a pile of hotdogs that don’t come apart and a frying pan with a lid. Your dolls get a pot and ladle with two s’mores. There are two blue plates and two matching cups with black trim. Last but not least, there is a campfire with a button to turn it on and off.

Book Reviews

Book review of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”(awesome book series)

You may have heard of Lemony Snicket and his ” A Series of Unfortunate Events” and wondered, “What’s this about?????”

The main characters are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. Their house burns down, killing their parents while they’re at the beach. Now, a guy named Count Olaf, will stop at nothing to get the enormous fortune they left behind. They go from guardian to guardian and can’t find their parents. They make friends and enemies along the way as they find out about a mysterious organization. Again I really recommend these books.seriesheader

This picture is missing the first two books, “The Bad Beginning” and “The Reptile Room”

My mom introduced me first to these books when I was pretty young. I think I was about 6. She played a video game on the Playstation. I think they might still sell it, so you should check that out too. There is a Netflix series and a movie too.


Count Olaf as Stephano in the Netflix series. 832975_jim-carrey-500-i-make-a-series-of-unfortunate-events-count-olaf-stephano-lemony-snickets-a-series-of-unfortunate-events

And movie Stephano.

Have a great day.